No Seix please, we are British

Short blog toay as I am in the foyer of the Marie in Seix. Not in the mood for the obvous jokes as outside it is raining hard and no progress will bemade today. This is a time for planning, buying provisions and stocking up the tummy with big food. Already, and in spite of eating well and often, I have lost body fat. Trousers are hanging off, the belt on my rucksack is nearly at max tightness. The upside is that I feel fit and well.
Tomorrow bodes well. We will be off on the next section. The Ariege is short on people, places an, certainly, shops. But the views are spectacular, when you can see them. up high, above the cloudsis best. Down here it’s low cloud and drizzle, rather like ‘Autumn in Dorset’ as Yvette puts it.
Well past half way now, I am counting down the days. Arrrgggh! It will be over all too soon.

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